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Recognising that everyone's journey is unique, these leading experts offer a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of what it takes to achieve optimal health. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced individual seeking to fine-tune your existing routines, this book caters to your needs, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to succeed.

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"Healthy Habits For A Happier Life" Is Your Ultimate Guidebook To Transformative Insights And Practical Strategies For Unlocking Optimal Health, Fitness, And Weight Loss Success Through The Power Of Healthy Habits.

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Motivational - it could change your life

A clearly written and motivational bible for anyone, anywhere on their journey to a healthier and happy self. On my first read I wrote down just one thing from each chapter that stood out for me. These little nuggets of motivation will sustain and focus me until I need to pick the book up and be refocused. I am confident each time I need uplifting and encouraging there is a chapter here to get me through and since we’re all human when I forget or feel disconnected I have it here to remind me again.

Packed with Good Advice

I highly recommend this book!

First, the book made me want to be in the 1%; you may need to read the first chapter to know what I mean and I needed that kick in the pants!

I enjoyed reading each chapter, each stands alone or goes with the rest of the book. You can read it straight through or pick the chapters you need, either is helpful. Each author writes as if they are having a conversation with you and you can tell they are real people who really want to help.

Last, I appreciated the bios and links at the end of each chapter so I can learn more and find the program that is the best fit for me where I’m at in my journey to be more fit and healthy.

Nutrition & Exercise

This is a great book that provides the expertise of internationally recognized nutrition and fitness experts with professional certifications and master/doctorate degrees. A must-read for anyone who needs help sticking to a nutrition and exercise plan; or if you are one of those who are ON IT! and desire expert advice on advancing your approach. Each author presents a different aspect of lifetime fitness - meaning the subject matter is not repetitive. For the price, this is a fantastic resource that will help you advance your knowledge and approach to your lifetime fitness journey.